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ROMA: Fortuna

ROMA: Fortuna

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A windowpane print layered with depth and texture, ROMA references Italy’s frescoed walls. During a year spent painting abroad, Brook Perdigon studied the pigmented plaster that lines Rome’s palazzos and villas. In a palette of mineral hues, this wallcovering re-imagines an ancient art form for modern living. Printed in shades of gold green on vellum.

Content: Non Woven Vellum
Paper Width: 27.25”W (.25”W overlap)
Repeat Size: 27”H x 27”W

  • $100/yd

  • Sold in 5 yard increments with a 15 yard minimum

  • ROMA wallpaper is print to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Papers are untrimmed and shipped with install instructions.


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